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Booking terms & conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions for Weddings in the Wood

These pages represent the standard Terms & Conditions and contract for wedding receptions
with Weddings in the Wood, hereinafter referred to as the Company, held at the New Forest
Outdoor Centre. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before booking our venue.
Once a booking has been accepted and payment received all the persons named on the booking form will have entered a binding contract on the basis of these Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions about them please do not hesitate to contact us. The New Forest Outdoor Centre run by Activate Outdoors Ltd fully subcontracts the sales and running of weddings to Weddings in the Wood. Weddings in the Wood, is the trading name for Aquaire Ltd, company registration number 7283018. The Company reserves the right, without the need to give reasons, to refuse to accept a booking. In such circumstances no agreement arises and the Company will return any payment accompanying the booking. This agreement is governed by English law.

1. Confirmation
To confirm a booking, the Company will raise a non-refundable deposit invoice for £1000.00. Payment of this deposit invoice within 14 days of the deposit invoice date, or before the event, whichever is sooner, will secure the booking together with the remittance of the completed wedding booking form agreement. It is important to note that no wedding reception is accepted as confirmed by the Company until a signed copy of the booking form agreement (or confirmed acceptance by electronic means) is returned by the Bride and Groom to the Company, whereby they agree to all our conditions and our cancellation policies, along with a non-refundable deposit of £1000.00.

2. Price
In the event of any taxation change beyond the control of the Company (eg. increases in the
standard rate of VAT), the Company reserves the right to vary the prices quoted to an extent
that reflects such change.

3. Payment Terms
3.1 Deposit Invoice
The Company will raise a deposit invoice for £1000.00. This must be paid within 14 days of the deposit invoice date, or before the event, whichever is sooner, to secure the booking. If no deposit is received from the client by the date specified on the deposit invoice, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking and offer the date to another party. The deposit is non-returnable.

3.2 Intermediate Invoice
The Company will raise an intermediate invoice for £2,500.00 to be paid six months prior to the date of the wedding or within 14 days of the invoice date, whichever is sooner to secure the booking. If no monies are received from the client by the date specified on the intermediate invoice, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking and offer the date to another party. The intermediate payment is non-returnable.

3.3 Balance Invoice
The balance, including any accommodation fees required for Shepherd's Huts or camping, must be paid 21 days prior to the event or immediately if the event is sooner. If no payment is received from the client by the date specified on the balance invoice, the Company will cancel the booking and will start procedures to recover the debt.

3.4 Additional Charges
Any extra charges should be settled within 28 days of the date of the wedding reception.

4. Cancellations
4.1 Cancellation by the Bride and Groom
All client cancellations must be made in writing.
All payments received are non-refundable so it is advisable to take out appropriate insurance.

If a client wishes to change the date of a confirmed event, within twelve weeks of the event date, the client will be liable for an additional 25% of the total event cost, in additional to the full event cost, in order to reimburse the staffing, administration and other overheads associated with moving the date.

The final account will be estimated accordingly to the number of guests specified in Wedding Booking Form Agreement along with all the agreed arrangements. Any postponement of confirmed and contracted business will be treated as a cancellation.

4.2 Cancellation by the Company
The Company reserves the right to cancel the booking if:

a) Any part of the venue is closed or unavailable because of any event beyond the Company's control. In this instance the bride and groom will be offered either a full refund of any deposit or balance invoice paid or the same booking on a different date. The Company accepts no liability for contracts with third parties made by the bride and groom.

b) It becomes apparent that the booking may, in the reasonable opinion of the Company, damage the reputation of the Company. In this instance, the Company will treat it as a cancellation by the bride and groom.

5. Catering arrangements
The Company offers a choice for the catering arrangements for the reception. The bride and groom can either use our "Catered Service" or elect to provide their own catering using the "Home Service". The Company recommends that the bride and groom insist that any catering company not familiar with the site make a site visit prior to being engaged as caterers for the wedding. The Company must be made aware of the need for any additional requirements e.g. service marquees, electricity requirements, refrigeration etc. and the Bride and Groom must make the necessary arrangements for access to the venue. For full details of the catering service conditions please refer to our current brochure.

6. Bar arrangements and supply of drinks
The Company has a licensed Woodland Bar, which can serve drinks until 23.20 hrs. Any extension to the bar must be discussed in advance with the Company. The Company will run the bar according to the bar option selected by the bride and groom. For details of the bar options please refer to our current brochure. In addition to the bar service the bride
and groom can provide:

• one glass of wine, sparkling wine, champagne or soft drink (no concentrated cordials) per guest to serve as a welcome drink
• one bottle of wine or soft drink per four guests to drink with the meal at the table
• one bottle of champagne per six guests to serve for toasts
• bottled water for the tables
All additional bottles of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be subject to a corkage fee starting from £8.00.

These allowances also apply where the bride and groom elect to use a Catered Service and the catering company provides the reception and table drinks.

Guests of the bride and groom may not bring any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks into the venue for the consumption on the premises. Any guests found contravening this regulation will be charged a corkage fee.

7. Marquees
There is an unlined semi-permanent marquee on the Woodland Deck. The Company can arrange for additional marquee/s to be erected on the Woodland Deck, gravelled areas or adjacent lawns. Please refer to our price list for prices. The Company only allows marquees from its approved suppliers. A list of our current approved suppliers is available on request.

Catering service tents can be erected by your caterer but if any marquee needs to be erected on site in advance of 18.00hrs on the day before the wedding date, then an "access add-on" must be included in the wedding package.

8. Barn and marquee linings
The Company can line the Carpenter's Barn with a cream liner, subject to prior booking. The Company will begin to line the Carpenter's Barn as soon as the hire period for the wedding package commences. There is an additional charge for lining the barn.

The semi-permanent marquee on the Woodland Deck is provided lined at no extra charge.

9. Tables/chairs, other equipment
The Company can provide the following as standard:
• 120 bistros style beech wood dining chairs
• 12 x 5ft6in round dining tables
• 1 x 6ft round dining tables
• 1 x 3ft round cake table
• 19 trestle tables
• 20 benches, suitable for seating at trestle tables
• 10 rustic picnic-style tables with integral benches
• 60 white plastic stacking garden chairs
The Company can also provide a number of drum-style BBQs. Neither BBQ fuel/charcoal or BBQ utensils are provided as standard in the Wedding Package.

Tablecloths, table coverings, napkins and serving cloths are not included in the Wedding Package.

10. Decorations and florists
The bride and groom can make their own arrangements for decorations but the Company is not obliged to assist with the decorations. The bride and groom may choose any florist etc. Any decorations used must not cause permanent damage to the venue. Any external contractors must comply with the agreed access arrangements. All decoration must be removed by 12 noon the day following the reception. Please note that naked flames are not permitted in the barn or marquee. Enclosed candle lanterns are allowed.

11. Photography
The bride and groom can choose their own photographer but it they are not using our photographer then they will be asked to provide the Company with at least ten high resolution digital images as a record of the wedding for the company. The company may use these images for publicity purposes. In this instance the Company will include a link to the photographer's website on the Company website.

12. Entertainment, music and activities
The Company allows non-amplified or amplified music to be played within the Carpenter's Barn. The doors of the Barn, if attached, must remain shut while music is being played.

Only non-amplified music is allowed on the Woodland Deck/adjacent lawns, subject to prior arrangement with the Company.

The Company recommends that DJ/musicians visit the site prior to the function to assess the space for set-up and power requirements. All music must cease by midnight.

The Company can organise activities on site to be provided by The New Forest Outdoor Centre. There is an additional cost to provide instructor-led activities. All guests who wish to take part in these organised activities will be required to fill out a consent form on the day.

The Bride and Groom can organise their own entertainment subject to approval in advance by the Company.

13. Confetti
Please note that only dried flower petals may be thrown as confetti at the venue. Rice and paper are not allowed.

14. Smoking
The Carpenter's Barn, marquee areas, cloakrooms and Shepherd's Huts are all strictly non-smoking in line with the Smokefree England Legislation.

15. Woodland environment and estate rules
The following are NOT permitted at the venue:
• Fireworks, sky lanterns or sparklers.
• Naked flames of any kind in the barn or marquee.
• Paper, metal or rice confetti.
• Roaming of the estate grounds - guests must remain in site of the Carpenter's Barn unless they are on a designated venue trail.
• Dogs off the lead at any time (Prior permission must be sought to bring any dog to the venue)

16. Engagement of external contractors and /or equipment
The Company only allows its own marquee partners to set up marquees at the venue. The bride and groom can engage other contractors/equipment providers subject to prior approval by the Company. The Company reserves the right to refuse access, without prejudice, to any contractor. When other external contractors/equipment providers are arranged, the bride and groom must undertake to indemnify the Company against any claim made against them resulting from an act or default by any of the servants or caused by any equipment supplied by them. This indemnity is also to include cover under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Any additional equipment deemed necessary by the Company to ensure the smooth running of the wedding reception will be hired in with your agreement and itemised on your account.

17. Personal and insurance
The Company accepts no liability for lost or damaged to personal belongings. While the Company aims to operate at the highest level of health and safety, you are reminded that running events in the outdoors presents an element of risk. The Company accepts no liability for any injury or accident that may occur outside the categories of staff negligence or structural failure of facilities constructed by the New Forest Outdoor Centre. The Company recommends that you take out wedding insurance and that all guests have appropriate cover for their own personal belongings. The venue is covered by £5 million public liability insurance.

18. Loss or damage
The bride and groom are responsible for any loss, damage or exceptional soiling made to any part of the venue or its furnishings/equipment or venue accommodation hired to the client, by the client or the client's guests.

19. Conduct
The bride and groom acknowledge that during the wedding reception all guests are required to submit to the reasonable directions and supervision of the Company personnel. Guests under 18 years old must have enough accompanying adults to remain responsible for them at all times and the adults must maintain control of all children to the satisfaction of the Company. The venue is within the grounds of a private estate and all guests must remain within sight of the Carpenter's Barn at all times unless they are following one of the Company's designated forest trails. When the fire pit is used the Company accepts no liability for any incidents that may arise. The bride and groom must ensure that all guests understand that they must take care around the campfire circle and are responsible for themselves.

Where the Company has been sub-contracted to provide activities, participation of the guests will be at the discretion of the Company and under no circumstances will guests who have consumed alcohol be allowed to participate in activities. If the conduct of a guest is unacceptable, the Company may, without the need to give reasons, ask for them to leave the venue. In such circumstances the client will not be entitled to a refund of monies and the Company will not be liable for any losses so resulting.

20. Departure from the venue
The bride and groom have use of the Bridal Shepherd's Hut until 12.00 hrs the day following the reception. The suite is equipped with a small double bed, with sheets, duvet and pillows. There is a wash hand basin, wind-up lantern and candle lantern. Towels are not provided. Breakfast for the bride and groom is included. The bride and groom must ensure that all guests, apart from those pre-booked to stay overnight, have transport to leave the venue at half past midnight unless alternative departure arrangements have been made in advance with the Company. Taxis must be pre-booked in advance due to the remote location of the venue. All guests staying overnight must depart from the site by 12.00 hrs and all cake/presents and decorations must be removed from the venue by this time.

21. Overnight accommodation
The bride and groom may book additional accommodation for their guests. The Company has access to 9 Shepherd's Huts in addition to the Honeymoon Hut. Each hut can sleep up to four persons in bunk style accommodation and is equipped with a slow-burning wood stove, washbasin, wind-up lantern and candle lantern. Sleeping bags, sleeping bag liners, mattress bottom sheets, pillows and pillowcases are provided. Guests need to provide their own towels and torches and are advised to refer to the equipment list on the website for overnight stays. There is a per person supplement charge for hire of the Shepherd's Hut.

The Company can offer camping facilities on the adjacent lawns. Guests must provide their own camping equipment and tents unless prior arrangements have been made with the company. Guests may also stay on site in camper vans. There is a per head charge for camping in tents or camper vans. All guests staying overnight must depart from the site by 12.00 hrs.

22. On site facilities
All of the wedding packages are inclusive of the supply of water and electricity. Depending of the number of guests at the reception the wood-burning stove in the Carpenter's Barn can be lit to heat the barn. If it is anticipated that there be will a large demand for electricity (from, for example, additional refrigeration plant, catering plant, musicians' equipment or blow heaters) then provision for generating equipment must be made. The hire costs of any such equipment will be added to the final account. The Company cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of loss of power at the venue.

The cloakroom facilities on site include three toilets, gentlemen's urinals, and four shower cubicles. Where guest numbers exceed 150, extra cloakroom facilities will be required and the hire cost will be added to the final account. The company must be advised at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the wedding of any requirements for disabled guests.

23. Advise for wedding guests
The Company recommends that the bride and groom advise guests that the venue is in a secluded forest location and provide all guests with adequate directions for locating the venue. GPS systems cannot be relied on to find the venue. The venue is not suitable for stiletto heels. Unless the Company is advised otherwise it may use photographs taken at the venue during the course of the wedding for publicity.

24. Complaints procedure
In the unlikely event that the bride and groom have cause for complaint about the wedding reception, the complaint should be made to the senior member of the staff team during the event, in order that corrective action can, if necessary, be taken. The bride and groom acknowledge that it is unreasonable for them to raise a complaint after the reception if they have taken no action to make their complaint known during the reception. However, should the complaint not be resolved, it should be made in writing to the Company within 28 days of the reception.

25. Accommodation & additional venue equipment expenses
If the company is arranging non-New Forest Outdoor Centre equipment or accommodation for the Bride and Groom, the Company will raise a separate set of invoices. These invoices will include an administration charge.

26. Changes To This Agreement
WEDDINGS IN THE WOODS reserves the right to update the Terms & Conditions at anytime, without notice.

27. Woodland Wedding Package
The Woodland Wedding Package includes:
• Access to the venue to prepare for the reception from 18.00 hrs on the day prior to the reception. The Company can accept delivery of wedding supplies prior to this by special arrangement.
• Exclusive use of the venue for up to 100 guests (excluding children under five years old) with use of the Carpenter's Barn, Semi-permanent Marquee, Woodland Deck, Woodland Bar, adjoining lawns and cloakrooms until half past midnight. For guest numbers of over one hundred there is an additional per head charge.
• Tables, trestle tables, benches, chairs and picnic tables/benches as described in section 9 of these Booking Terms and Conditions
• Use of the Bridal Shepherd's Hut from 09.30 hrs on the day of the wedding reception to 12.00 hrs the following day. Access to the hut for storage only can be arranged from 18.00 hrs on the day prior the wedding reception.
• A wedding co-ordinator to help with the event from the time of booking.
• Event team of five staff headed up by a senior team member to provide stewarding, staff the bar, serve welcome drinks, manage the car parking and generally assist with the event. Separate arrangements for serving food need to be made with the caterers, as the Company staff are not available to serve food. At least one member of staff will remain on site overnight if the Honeymoon Shepherd's Hut is occupied overnight.
• The "Stocked and staffed bar" option. If the bride and groom choose the "Staffed bar" option there is an additional handling charge.
• A limited range of outdoor games such as Boules, Giant Jenga, Chinese Tangrams and Giant Chess at no additional charge.
• Car parking for up to 40 cars. If additional car parking is required, this can be arranged on one of the estate car parks provide the Company is given at least 2 weeks notice of the requirement.
• Lighting of the fire in the fire pit by prior arrangement.

28. Add-ons for the Woodland Wedding Package
The "add-ons" available for the Woodland Wedding package, subject to an additional fee, include:
• Additional guests, as described in the current price list, where guest numbers exceed one hundred.
• Lining of the Carpenter's Barn.
• Fuel for marquee heater, if required.
• Supplementary cloakroom facilities, if guest numbers exceed 150.
• Extended access to the venue from 09.00 hrs on the previous day to the date of the wedding to allow for site preparation/the erection of additional marquees/ service tents/marquee lining etc. Extended access must be booked at the same time as the Woodland Wedding package to guarantee availability.
• Hire of additional Shepherd's Huts for use overnight by wedding guests, including pillows and bottom sheets.
• Camping pitches for overnight stays by the wedding guests.
• Outdoor activities with fully qualified instructors.

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